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Morocco - bank and public holidays of the world - 1970-2070


Full calendar of public and bank holidays of the world (and banks closures), from 1970 until 2070 for Morocco

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Weekend: Saturday & Sunday

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Name Date Kind
El am Hejir New Year (may be changed to the nearest day)Thursday August 10, 2023Muslim, Sufi 
Parliament recess (beginning)Thursday August 10, 2023Special Events 
Oued Eddahab Allegiance Day*Monday August 14, 2023Secular holiday 
Revolution Day*Sunday August 20, 2023Secular holiday 
Youth Day*Monday August 21, 2023Secular holiday 
summer holiday (end)Sunday September 3, 2023School holidays 
Rosh Hashanah**Thursday September 7, 2023cards/flowers 
general electionFriday September 8, 2023Special Events 
Parliament recess (end)Sunday October 8, 2023Special Events 
autumn holiday (beginning)Sunday October 15, 2023School holidays 
Prophet's Anniversary - Eid-Milad Nnabi (may be changed to the nearest day)*Thursday October 19, 2023Muslim, Sufi 
banks are closedFriday October 20, 2023Banks only 
Daylight Saving Time*Tuesday October 24, 2023Special Events 
autumn holiday (end)Wednesday October 25, 2023School holidays 

El am Hejir New Year (may be changed to the nearest day) -
Tuesday August 10, 2021

Muslim, Sufi :

Parliament recess (beginning) -
Tuesday August 10, 2021

Special Events :

Oued Eddahab Allegiance Day -
Saturday August 14, 2021

Secular holiday : On August 14, 1979, the recovery of this province by Moroccan authorities came to materialize the unity of the country and crown a long struggle for the perfection of Morocco's territorial integrity. On that day, at the Riad palace in Rabat, a 360 person-strong delegation, was dispatched by the population of the region to renew before King Hassan II the oath of allegiance and their attachment to the Alaouite throne. The sovereign then delivered a historic speech in which he vowed to guarantee their defense and security and endeavor for their well-being.

Revolution Day -
Friday August 20, 2021

Secular holiday : On August 20th 1953, The Revolution began when the colonial residence surrounded the Royal palace and enjoined the legitimate Sultan Mohamed V to surrender or be exiled. This event contributed to strengthen the domestic front in Morocco and the unity of Moroccans behind the Sultan. After two years, this victorious revolution succeeded in freeing the country from the yoke and tutelage of the French Protectorate, paving the way for the advent of the era of freedom and independence.

Youth Day -
Saturday August 21, 2021

Secular holiday : Celebrates the Revolution of the King and the People, a landmark in Morocco's history, that illustrates the struggle of the Alaouite Throne and the Moroccan people against occupation. On August 20, 1953 the French colonial authorities exiled the Late King Mohammed V and the Royal Family, after the Late king had refused to disavow the action of the national movement and to sign decrees consecrating French domination over Morocco. Celebration of the Revolution of the King and People

Summer holiday (end) -
Friday September 3, 2021

School holidays :

Rosh Hashanah -
Tuesday September 7, 2021

cards/flowers : Jewish New Year NOT a public holiday

General election -
Wednesday September 8, 2021

Special Events :

Parliament recess (end) -
Friday October 8, 2021

Special Events :

Autumn holiday (beginning) -
Friday October 15, 2021

School holidays :

Prophet's Anniversary - Eid-Milad Nnabi (may be changed to the nearest day) -
Tuesday October 19, 2021

Muslim, Sufi : Birthday of the Prophet, Mohammed. For nine days there are Parties with fairs, feasting, and parades. Stories are told about how the mountains danced when Mohammed was born, and sang, There is no god but Allah. The trees answered, And Mohammed is his Prophet. Then 7,000 angels brought a golden vase filled with heavenly dew, and his mother bathed the new baby in it. Many stories like these are told to Arab children on the Prophet's Birthday, the happiest day in the Moslem year.

Banks are closed -
Wednesday October 20, 2021

Banks only :

Daylight Saving Time -
Sunday October 24, 2021

Special Events : From 2008 onwards

Autumn holiday (end) -
Monday October 25, 2021

School holidays :