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linkSri Lanka : public and bank holidays, closure of banks, stock exchanges, school vacations

Sri Lanka : complete schedule of public and bank holidays, closure of banks and stock exchanges, school vacations, trade fairs, cultural and sporting events, festivals, carnivals, election during the next 3 months

  • Currency: Rupee (LKR)
  • Internet domain: .lk - Telephone code: +94 - International dialing code: 00
    Women are not allowed to purchase alcoholic drinks
  • Weekend: Saturday & Sunday
  • IF YOU NEED TRANSLATION INTO THIS COUNTRY's LANGUAGE(S): English (350 million speakers in 47 countries), Singhalese (16 million speakers), Tamil (55 million speakers) ...
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    Friday January 6, 2023Duruthu Poya DayBuddhism (Theravada)
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    Monday January 9, 2023New year holiday (end)School holidays
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    Saturday January 14, 2023Magh Bihu/Tusu Puja - PongalSecular holiday
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    Friday February 3, 2023Independence DayNational Day
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    Sunday February 5, 2023Navam Full Moon Poya DayBuddhism (Theravada)
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    Sunday February 19, 2023Maha ShivaratriHinduism
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    Tuesday March 7, 2023Medin Full Moon Poya DayBuddhism (Theravada)
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    Saturday March 18, 2023Colombo marathonSports events
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    Friday March 31, 2023Ramadan (beginning) - Muslim schoolsSchool holidays
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    Duruthu Poya Day

    Friday January 6, 2023
    Buddhism (Theravada) : Commemorates Buddha's first visit to Sri Lanka. This visit too took place in the first year of the Buddha's preaching.

    New year holiday (end)

    Monday January 9, 2023
    School holidays :
    International schools may carry different calendars

    Schools have been shut 46 weeks due to Covid epidemics

    gazetted by the Ministry of Education
    dates may vary according to the religion
    Schooling mandatory till age 14
    number of instructional days per year in lower secondary education: 204
    Teaching languages: Sinhala, Tamil, English
    schools are closed on Sunday
    school uniforms required

    We carry confirmed dates till Aug 2023

    Please note that authorities may take last-minute decisions; please double-check if this information is vital to you
    Make a Paypal donation of euros 50 to [email protected] to purchase the full calendar for 5 countries, including Sri Lankan schools
    Contact [email protected] to purchase a file containing confirmed calendars of 550 countries and regions.

    Magh Bihu/Tusu Puja - Pongal

    Saturday January 14, 2023
    Secular holiday : Celebration of the harvest, which is observed for three days: Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal and Mattu Pongal. A colourful and traditional festival with many a ceremony devoted to various deities and cattle races.

    Independence Day

    Friday February 3, 2023
    Secular holiday : Celebrating the anniversary of independence from Britain in 1948 not a paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

    Navam Full Moon Poya Day

    Sunday February 5, 2023
    Buddhism (Theravada) : Celebrates the following events in Buddhist history: Entrance into the order of two leading disciples of The Buddha (Sariputta and Maha Moggalana), The Buddha proclaims for the first time a code of fundamental ethical precepts for the monks. The Buddha announces that within three months His Parinibbana (death) will take place.

    Maha Shivaratri

    Sunday February 19, 2023
    Hinduism : A Hindu festival in honor of Lord Shiva and his marriage to Goddess Parvati. Ceremonies involving prayers and hymns take place mostly at night.

    Medin Full Moon Poya Day

    Tuesday March 7, 2023
    Buddhism (Theravada) : Commemorates the visit of The Buddha to his home to preach to his father King Suddhodana and other relatives and show them the path to enlightenment and final deliverance.

    Colombo marathon

    Saturday March 18, 2023
    Sports events : Https:// 2023 edition NOT confirmed

    Ramadan (beginning) - Muslim schools

    Friday March 31, 2023
    School holidays :