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Bangladesh : public and bank holidays, closure of banks, stock exchanges, school vacations


Bangladesh : complete schedule of public and bank holidays, closure of banks and stock exchanges, school vacations, trade fairs, cultural and sporting events, festivals, carnivals, election during the next 3 months

The Muslim community may choose a holiday among: Akheri Chahar Shomba, Fateha-e-Yazdaham, Shab-e-Meraj, for Eid al-Fitr, 30 Nov for Eid ul-Adha.
The Hindu community may choose a holiday among: Saraswati Puja, Shivratri, Doljatra, Mahalaya, Nobomi, Laxmi Puja and Shyama Puja.
The Christian community may choose a holiday among: New Year, Ash Wednesday, Easter, Christmas.
ISO code: BD - Internet domain: .bd - Telephone code: +880 - International dialing code: 00 - GMT offset: +6 (DST: no)
Banks close on Friday & Saturday
2019 calendar confirmed
Currency: Taka (BDT) ... Convert here!
Weekend: Friday & Saturday

Name Date Kind More
optional holidayFriday January 1, 2021Secular holiday 
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School holidays*Tuesday January 5, 2021School holidays 
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Dhaka International Trade Fair DITF*Thursday January 7, 2021Tradeshows 
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Muslim pilgrimage*Friday January 8, 2021Culture 
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Bangabandhu Homecoming Day*Sunday January 10, 2021Culture 
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optional holiday*Saturday February 13, 2021Buddhism (Vajrayana) 
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Dhaka International Plastic Packaging and Printing Industrial Fair*Thursday February 18, 2021Tradeshows 
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Mother Tongue Day*Sunday February 21, 2021Secular holiday 
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Parliament recess (end)Sunday November 8, 2020Special Events 
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Parliament recess (beginning)Thursday November 19, 2020Special Events 
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winter holiday (beginning)Thursday December 10, 2020School holidays 
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Victory Day - Bijoy Dibosh*Wednesday December 16, 2020Secular holiday 
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Christmas Day*Friday December 25, 2020Catholic or protestant 
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winter holiday (end)Saturday December 26, 2020School holidays 
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banks are closedThursday December 31, 2020Banks only 
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Optional holiday -
Friday January 1, 2021

Secular holiday :

School holidays -
Tuesday January 5, 2021

School holidays : Information provided by the Ministry of Education
2020 calendar can be viewed here (in Bengali): Bangladeshi schools observe 85 days of holidays, following Islamic celebrations
Schools are closed on Friday

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Dhaka International Trade Fair DITF -
Thursday January 7, 2021

Tradeshows : Lasts 1 month - at the Sher-e-Bangla Nagar - We carry the 2020 confirmed calendar
Contact to get the calendar for this event or one file containing confirmed calendars of most international WW tradeshows.

Muslim pilgrimage -
Friday January 8, 2021

Culture : Tablighi Jamaat literally the Outreach Society or the Society for Spreading Faith, is a non-political global missionary movement that focuses on urging Muslims to return to practising Islam as practiced during the lifetime of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and particularly in matters of ritual, dress, and personal behavior. The organisation is estimated to have between 12 million and 150 million adherents (the majority living in South Asia), and a presence in somewhere between 150 and 200 countries. It has been called one of the most influential religious movements in 20th century Islam

Bangabandhu Homecoming Day -
Sunday January 10, 2021

Culture : On this day in 1972, Bangabandhu returned to independent Bangladesh after over nine and a half months' confinement in a Pakistan jail. The political icon termed his homecoming a journey from the darkness to light .

Optional holiday -
Saturday February 13, 2021

Buddhism (Vajrayana) : Bhawasma Budhbar - Chinese New Year

Dhaka International Plastic Packaging and Printing Industrial Fair -
Thursday February 18, 2021

Tradeshows : Lasts 5 days - in Dhaka - We carry the 2020 confirmed calendar
Contact to get the calendar for this event or one file containing confirmed calendars of most international WW tradeshows.

Mother Tongue Day -
Sunday February 21, 2021

Secular holiday : This day commemorates the lives sacrificed to make Bengali one of the national languages when Bangladesh was part of Pakistan. The West Pakistani regime tried to force Urdu as the national language. A demonstration by Bengalis was shot at by police, leading to the death of 4 demonstrators. The nascent Bengali patriotism lead to the birth of Bangladesh. Shaheed Dibosh (Martyrs' Day)

National Revolution Day -
Sunday November 7, 2021

Culture : This commemorates the 1975 uprising formed by the people and soldiers. The uprising, led by Colonel Abu Taher and his political group Jatiyo Samajtantrik Dal, ended the three day coup organised by self-proclaimed Major General Khaled Mosharraf. It helped Major General Ziaur Rahman, founder of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, to grab power in the long run.

Parliament recess (end) -
Sunday November 8, 2020

Special Events :

Parliament recess (beginning) -
Thursday November 19, 2020

Special Events :

Winter holiday (beginning) -
Thursday December 10, 2020

School holidays :

Victory Day - Bijoy Dibosh -
Wednesday December 16, 2020

Secular holiday : After Sheikh Mujib's declaration of independence, Pakistan's President Yahya Khan outlawed the Awami League and arrested its leaders. Resistance fighters continued to battle the Pakistan army, resulting in nearly ten million refugees fleeing to India. India declared war on Pakistan on December 4, and Pakistan surrendered soon afterwards, on December 16, 1971. Mujib returned to become the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

Christmas Day -
Friday December 25, 2020

Catholic or protestant : Since pre-historic times in Europe, festivities (bonfires, offrerings) were marking the beginning of longer hours of daylight with fires and ritual. The Roman festival of Saturnalia lasted several days in December (gambling and offerings). Germanic tribes also celebrated mid-winter (drinking and rituals). The Bulgarian (with Koleduvane) and the Polish (with Gwiazdka) perpetuate this tradition. Jesus of Nazareth was probably born in springtime (Reformists favour autumn). But in the 4th century, December 25th was chosen for the celebration of his birth by Pope Julius I (Bishop Liberus is also mentioned in 354 A.D.). Thus, a Christian element was introduced in the long-established mid-winter festivals. Before 1582, the Papal States and other Italian city states celebrated New Year’s Day on Christmas Day.

Winter holiday (end) -
Saturday December 26, 2020

School holidays :

Banks are closed -
Thursday December 31, 2020

Banks only :